The first of Signium’s 2018 annual meetings took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Focused on improving our client services through innovation, more than 100 members from 5 continents attended this successful meeting.

Signium organizes different conferences in order to empower global partners and enhance the future of our organization through exposing our partners and consultant to the most recent innovations and concepts to improve our offer to the executive consulting market. As usual, our partners participate in group practice sessions and activities meant to improve our team vision and application of our brand values.

At this conference, our partners participated in various workshops focused on innovation and strategic collaboration hosted by important speakers such as Jose Manuel Durao, former Portugal’s Prime Minister and European Commission President and current Chairman of Goldman Sachs International; and Pedro do Carmo, founder of Intersection Ventures and e-business and innovation consultant.

Apart from the official activities, attendees to the conference enjoyed various enriching cultural activities, which enabled the team to strengthen it invaluable global network.

Our second global meeting will take place in October, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.